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The easiest broker experience of your life

Asuntokolmio (translated “Hometriangle”) is a small and ambitious team of the best real estate brokers in the city of Oulu. Their real estate sales process was measured to be a staggering 35% faster than the average competitor. They are the first broker to offer free dream home search for the buyers: if they don’t find a perfect home for the perfect price, you pay nothing.

After getting to know them, I have no doubt they are the best broker team in my city with insanely customer centered services that put zero pressure on people doing the biggest choices of their lives.

Thus the main challenge was clear: how to make people get the same impression as I have when they browse their website? My task was to freshen up their visual identity and bring their bottleneck of a website up to their current standards.

I set off to build them a new revenue stream online.

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My responsibilities

Website redesign and development. Visual identity upgrade.


The new identity lifts Asuntokolmio apart and above the local competition. Everyone else is free to keep using their stock photography of smiling people!


Overall I think this is one of my all time best projects.

Still, I might have gotten a little carried away with visual noise on the website. If I could change one thing, I'd reduce the amount of shape, color and type in the busiest views by around 15%.

simple is beautiful.

When it comes to real estate brokers, their visual identities are literally always the same: images of slick buildings and smiling families around the hearthstone. Everyone has seen that a million times.

My answer to a friendly, playful and unique visual identity was waiting right in their name: Asuntokolmio translates roughly “Hometriangle”.

Triangles it was.

An audience split in two

Asuntokolmio wants to serve two customers equally: the buyer and the seller.

Their interests are naturally completely different, and helping the buyers is sometimes in conflict with helping the sellers. Sellers want to sell high, buyers want to buy low.

I had to tread carefully, so I decided the most efficient way to please both audiences was to separate the website traffic right at the landing page hero section.

Bringing the people to the front

Asuntokolmio wanted to be set apart of the competition especially by their friendly service that is genuinely trying to help the customer.

This is why one of the main goals was to present all team members as valuable individuals who share their story on the website.