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Meals tailored to you, measured to a gram.

Most athletes and gym-goers don’t really like or know much about cooking. Fitter was created to remove that problem.

I was tasked with designing an e-commerce website that explains and takes orders for the new long-awaited concept: choose what you want to eat, then choose every nutrient value of your meal down to a gram. The next day, the meals are delivered to your door, all for well under 15€ / 18USD a meal.

Yes, this is finally happening.

My role

Branding, logo design, webdesign


The user experience for ordering meals was rather experimental, but very well received.


I feel like I failed to communicate some of my design decisions to the client well enough, so we had some minor changes.

In hindsight, the logo could be a better representation of their brand. It says sophisticated, but what about new, unique and exiting?

Unique and not “too good to be true”.

The brand and website represent a new age in the food industry with a fresh look tailored to the taste of athletes, weight losers and generally busy people.

How to order complicated food with ease?

I believe most of the ordering process should be doable with the mouse alone. This is to ensure a user experience that is smooth and simple. This is why I ended up going with draggable sliders for customizing the meal.

To instill trust, the portion micronutrient data updates immediately as you grab and drag a slider. The price is calculated down to a cent in real time aswell.

“Dozens of delivery options – how do I know which is best for me!?”

Some customers preferred picking up their delivery at their gym. Choosing a gym from a long dropdown list proved frustrating, so a better solution was necessary. My answer was to implement a fullscreen map that functions as a location selector: